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SJ-PM-B - SPEAR & JACKSON Paint Marker Blue Paint Marker Blue

SJ-PM-R - SPEAR & JACKSON Paint Marker Red Paint Marker Red

SJ-PM-W - SPEAR & JACKSON Paint Marker White Paint Marker White

SJ-PM-Y - SPEAR & JACKSON Paint Marker Yellow Paint Marker Yellow

ST-148/40 - STAEDTLER Carpenters Pencil Red Medium Carpenters Pencil Red Medium

ST-148/50 - STAEDTLER Carpenters Pencil Green Hard Carpenters Pencil Green Hard

ST-3482 - STAEDTLER Marker Double Ended Red Marker Double Ended Red

ST-3483 - STAEDTLER Marker Double Ended Blue Marker Double Ended Blue

ST-3489 - STAEDTLER Marker Double Ended Black Marker Double Ended Black

ST-3502 - STAEDTLER Marker Chisel Point Red Marker Chisel Point Red